Acacia Mines Tanzania Project

Upgrade of Mine Access Roads – Buzwagi Tanzania

Acacia Mining  in Tanzania has been a long standing project partner of Soil Solutions.  Initially in 2011 Soil Solutions did the upgrade of 4 runways used for the mines all owned by Acacia as well as a plant access road. Our revolutionary product EBS was used on the airstrips.  7 Years on and the initial projects are still in good condition even though we have only completed one maintenance in 2015. Soil Solutions went back up to Tanzania to complete another mine access road project for the mining group this last week.

The Focus of the New Project for Buzwagi was a Mine access road. The upgrade of the new road will not only reduce maintenance, but also complete erosion and dust control by providing a water resistant surface that preserves the road surface and protects from any loss of material .Our revolutionary product EBS was used to seal the road. EBS Soil Stabilizer was developed as a better and smarter way to improve all types of soils for the objective of affordable road construction and road improvement.  EBS Soil Stabilizer is the most advanced product available globally developed by Soil Solutions® For more information on EBS click here