EBS Soil Stabilizer was developed as a better and smarter way to improve all types of soils for the objective of affordable road construction and road improvement with reduced maintenance and complete erosion and dust control by providing a water resistant surface that preserves the road surface and protects from any loss of material 

Applied Science & Engineering for Sustainable Roads, Runways, and Erosion Control



EBS Soil Stabilizer is the most advanced product available globally developed by Soil Solutions®;  Engineered Base Stabilizer – EBS is a Nano Co-Polymer that has an extended branched molecular structure that creates a multi-dimensional matrix that binds the soil particles allowing for significantly increased strength of the in-situ soil.

EBS is a highly advanced product that when applied will provide important benefits in road construction and the upgrade of Gravel Roads, and Airstrips

EBS is used to stabilize in-situ material as a cost-effective alternative to the traditional method of imported aggregate or cement.

EBS is used to surface seal gravel roads to provide a water-resistant surface that provides complete erosion control and protection from any material loss.

The amount required is determined by the soil indicators and will be advised by a qualified and trained Soil Solutions representative.

  Reduced Imported Material   Reduced Environmental Impact

Reduced Construction Costs  Reduced Maintenance Costs 

   See EBS in Action

EBS - engineered base stabilizer video

EBS – engineered base stabilizer video

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   EBS – Engineered Base Soil Stabilizer for Surface Sealing of Roads and Airstrips

ONE Application of EBS Surface Seal will protect the stabilized surface from loss of fine material, provide effective dust and erosion control depending on application rate and traffic.  Most importantly this road surface will never require grading or watering,  providing a sustainable solution and significantly reduced maintenance delivering Reduced Costs & Benefits.

An EBS Surface Seal provides a dust-free road surface which is waterproof, flexible pavement that has a high load-bearing capacity that is skid resistant.

A road or airstrip that has an EBS Surface Seal will have a Hard  All-Weather Surface that will prevent erosion, material loss, and pothole formation.

Surface that will prevent erosion, material loss, and pothole formation.

  EBS Application Process:

   EBS for Surface Sealing –  Erosion Control – Dust Control 

EBS Engineered Base Soil StabilizerWhen EBS is sprayed on loose material such as Road shoulders, Mine Tailings, Sand; Stockpiles, it is an effective method for dust and erosion control.

The advanced and highly concentrated formula of EBS ensures the best results and that there is no parallel in the market.


  • Total Preservation of Fines and Material
  • Erosion Control
  • Dust Control  – complete elimination
  • Water resistant surface 
  • UV resistant
  • Increased load bearing capacity
  • Reduction in rolling resistance
  • Increased CBR and UCS strength
  • Elimination of corrugation and rutting
  • Increased tensile strength
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Increased Skid resistance
  • Reduced freeze thaw heaving

Soil Solutions… Consider It Solved.

   Why Soil Solutions?  Why EBS – Engineered Base Stabilizer? 

Case Studies, Independent Laboratory, and on-site testing have time and time again has proven that EBS, a fit-for-purpose product, outperforms all other products in the industry.  Superior results of EBS are due to our custom formulation and consistent quality combined with our advanced application methodologies.

Soil Solutions has a Proven Track Record – Proven Performance – Case Studies – Independent Laboratory Results. 

EBS is an important component of our Intelligent Road Solutions together with  Recycler Attachments and GeoGrid technology. This combination of technologies allows Soil Solutions to develop a specifically tailored solution for every client and every project.


Beware of Imitations, there are many “polymers” out there in the market, you as a customer need to be careful and look at key factors regarding different products that include:

  • % active solids content
  • is it a by-product or waste product of another industry?
  • Does the product deliver match previous samples provided?
  • How often should it be applied?
  • Request a Certificate of Chemical Analysis;
  • Does the supplier have independent third-party test results from the registered laboratory as to performance?
  • We encourage clients to ask questions, as not all polymers — or suppliers are the same :
  • Does the supplier simply sell the product with instructions or do they walk with you each step of the project?
  • Where has this product been used before?
  • Does the supplier have actual project references and documented Case Studies?
  • How long has the supplier been in the market?
  • What type of site, engineering, product knowledge does the Supplier have?
  • Will the supplier conduct a Site assessment to determine your exact needs and a specifically tailored solution?
  • Will an Application methodology be provided that is project and site-specific to your needs, weather patterns, and the environment ?
  • Will on site assistance and training for the application be provided ?

  Where EBS Soil Stabilizer is Used:

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EBS Engineered Base Soil Stabilizer & Surface Seal for Gravel Roads & Airstrips June 22, 2011