Mine Haul Roads Brochure

Our Approach to Mine Haul Roads is what sets us apart from any other company in this industry.  Soil Solutions has a solid background and extensive experience in engineering & design and soil mechanics, this allows us to provide complete solutions and recommendations. Our understanding of the key factors of Mine Haul Roads design including – Material – Elevations – Gradients – Load Capacity –  allow us to provide solutions for mechanically modifying in situ material and construction methodologies that will reduce construction cost and time.On existing road networks we provide value engineered recommendations that affect Rolling Resistance, Increase traction and result in increased work cycle efficiency.  We do not just sell a product.  We understand our clients – their environments, challenges and objectives.

Dust Control on Mine Haul Roads

Dust Control on Mine Haul Roads – is not seen as being isolated – Yes it is about providing effective Dust Control, however our approach is a holistic approach that provides  an overall Improved Road Surface  – that protects the capital investment of the Mine Haul Road network.   The results include effective long term Dust control with One application annually – but also providing increased safety – reduced water use, reduced environmental impact.   These are not empty words – we back this up with quantifiable Cost & Benefit Analysis that demonstrate detailed listing of cost savings, reduced CO2 emissions, reduced water consumption, together with other benefits of reduced fleet requirements & liabilities.

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