Soil Solutions® Limited has made a strategic decision to expand into Global Markets

by offering its bespoke and technology advanced products and services through a Network of Authorized International Agents. 

Soil Solutions® was founded based on the objective to provide innovative and cost effective products, services and solutions for soil improvement, soil stabilization, dust control, erosion control, and road improvements. Originally focused on the mining sector the company has, as a result of an ongoing research and development program, developed a dynamic and cost effective range of products, services and solutions with the versatility and flexibility to allow for application across a broad spectrum of industries encompassing road construction, infrastructure development, mining and other industries where soil stabilization, dust and erosion control solutions are necessary.

Soil Solutions® product offerings have been developed using leading edge nano technologies specifically aimed at reducing materials requirements, labour, maintenance, time to completion and water usage thereby effecting significant cost reductions and minimization of environmental impact and carbon footprint. Product benefits include improved working conditions and productivity as well as lower operational and vehicle maintenance costs.

The technologies and products provided by Soil Solutions® have been extensively tried and tested in the exacting and extreme climatic and mining conditions of South Africa and from there the company has undertaken numerous projects regionally in Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, as well as internationally including the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Mexico and Mongolia. Projects completed include road construction, rehabilitation and maintenance, airstrip runways, mine haul roads, dust control of open pit mining, mine shafts, mine tailings management and dust control, residential construction.

 Soil Solutions® is now well placed to offer innovative, flexible, cost effective and customized value engineered products services and solutions for soil stabilization and reinforcement and erosion and dust control to local, regional and international markets. Products and offerings include the company’s combined technology offering for road improvement: Intelligent Road Solutions™,  EBS™ Soil Stabilizer, Geogrid Technology, Dynamic Compaction, Durasolution™, Dust Abatementand IDM Dust Machines,  all of which are suitable for economically effective use in the harshest of conditions and remotest of regions.

The growth being experienced in emerging economies and in particular in the BRIC countries has resulted in growth in demand for energy, mineral resources and other commodities providing impetus to mining, infrastructure and related projects. These projects require the products and services offered by Soil Solutions Ltd and the decision to go global has been taken in response to this growing demand.

To date Authorized Agencies have been established  in South Africa, Botswana, Mexico, and Oman with negotiations underway in Mongolia and India as well as for further expansion in the Middle East and the African continent. Additional Strategic partnerships with Globally positioned companies are also being formed.

London, UK September 2011

Johannesburg, September 2011