During these changing times, something that has not changed is the requirement for Cost-effective Gravel Road Solutions. Whether the solution is to aid in Critical access or provide dust relief for communities, Soil Solutions continues delivering with our innovative product, EBS.  A worldwide economic downturn due to lockdowns has further increased the need for cost-effective solutions that reduce maintenance and allow current budgets to deliver 4 x more than traditional asphalt roads.

Furthermore, EBS is completely environmentally friendly, reduces the amount of water use, and is water-resistant therefore reducing the amount of maintenance and ongoing costs.

Our most recent Gravel Road project’s goal was to reduce dust, positively affect the community, and improve the road surface. This project was remotely executed with the Rancho Santana Team and delivered incredible results. An EBS surface seal was used to combat their problems and provide lasting results.


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Soil Solutions has developed a cost-effective and long term solution for the treatment of gravel roads.

Provided at less than half the cost of Asphalt –   The Answer is-    Engineered Base Stabilizer ( EBS ) will:

  • Provide a hard all-weather surface
  • Provide a water-resistant Surface
  • The road will be protected from erosion, material loss, cracking, rutting, corrugation and potholes
  • The road will have NO DUST

EBS treated roads are available in two options…

Our Projects…

Rancho Santana – NICARAGUA

Soil Solutions was contacted by Rancho Santana’s Chief Engineer, Alan Vilchez, looking for a solution that would provide a smooth driving surface with reduced maintenance which was water resistant and most importantly would reduce the dust for better visibility for drivers and the safety of the community.

Sir Bani Yas Island- UAE

The project was managed by the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Culture and Tourism, who enlisted the services of Abu Dhabi based Scan Construction, who contacted Soil Solutions. The project consisted of – Stabilizing and Surface Sealing the Entrance and Access Road to the visitors point at the Monastery Site, the adjacent parking areas, walkways, and archeological excavation area.

Ondo State Rural Access and Agricultural Marketing Project (RAAMP)- NIGERIA

The Ondo State Rural Access and Mobility Project at Molege village in Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State.

Private Estate Gravel Road Improvement – UK

Decidedly satisfied with the complete construction of the internal road network and walking pathways completed by Soil Solutions at their Private Estate in Northern Johannesburg, South Africa during  2010 this high profile client requested Soil Solutions to complete an additional Road Improvement project at their Country Farm

Private Estate Gravel Road Improvement

Soil & Dust Solutions, the South African Agent of Soil Solutions, was contracted to perform an upgrade to the existing gravel road and parking areas throughout the Estate in order to create a more usable road surface that blends in with the surrounding environment thus creating a

Gravel Road Brochure

Gravel Roads Brochure


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