Decidedly satisfied with the complete construction of the internal road network and walking pathways completed by Soil Solutions at their Private Estate in Northern Johannesburg, South Africa during  2010 this high profile client requested Soil Solutions to complete an additional Road Improvement project at their Country Farm Estate located in Berkshire in the United Kingdom.

This project entailed the upgrade and improvement of +/- 1 km of existing gravel roads as well as a large parking area, in order to create a more usable road surface that would blend in with the surrounding landscape creating a harmonious, aesthetic, and visually appealing atmosphere throughout the Estate.

The natural look and reduced environmental impact were especially important as the Estate has several hectares of historical formal gardens that are open to the public for viewing.

 The condition of the road network to be improved was such that with the proper preparation a surface seal with Soil Solutions Emulsified Base Stabilizer (EBS) was determined to be sufficient to achieve the desired result.

The project preparation included the application of a tack coat of EBS to ensure the bonding of the existing surface with the South Cerney Gravel layer, which was placed to provide the aesthetic look the Client, was looking for.

Once the South Cerney material was placed utilizing a paving machine with a screeding attachment the surface was ironed with a pedestrian roller to ensure proper compaction and to provide a smooth finished surface for the EBS surface seal.

The EBS was applied by hand along the sides and edges of the road and using a trailer with a pump and spray bar to ensure even spraying and distribution of the EBS over the road surface in several even coats.

The end result is a natural-looking, environmentally friendly flexible road surface that blends in aesthetically with the natural surroundings of the Estate, and which will withstand the climate and weather patterns of the area.

The road surface is now UV and water-resistant, has increased skid resistance, is safe for vegetation and wildlife, and will not require any future grading or watering providing for an almost maintenance-free road surface.

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