Dust Control on Mining Pit Roads is a challenging situation — excessive amounts of dust are generated, tracked vehicles are in use, and where safety is a priority.  

Soil Solutions delivers the Solution.  A sustainable Solution…

  • Waterless Dust Control Solution
  • Easy to Apply
  • Application Rates that are adaptable to Budgets
  • Re-workable and moveable
  • Can be applied in high temperatures as well as freezing temperatures

   Durasolution for Mining Pit Roads

It is not just about dust Control ….  Anything that is applied to the Road NEEDS to also improve the road surface.  Durasolution is not a stabilizer, it is a Wetting Agent & Compaction Aid.

Durasolution will:

  • Improve the road surface for driving
  • Improve Safety &  Visibility
  • Improve Rolling Resistance
  • Reduce Tyre Wear
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Reduce Environmental Impact


Durasolution Video
Durasolution Video
Open Pit mining roads Video
Open Pit Mining Roads Video