Having a desperate need for hydroseeding and erosion control of the berm (embankment) outside their newly constructed offices Soil & Dust Solutions, the South African Agent of Soil Solutions, was contacted for assistance. Soil & Dust Solutions offered to treat the berm with their environmentally friendly product Hydrotac in order to eliminate the erosion problems occurring from the heavy rains as well as to prevent the washing of the grass seed in order to hold it in place and encourage grass growth over the berm, therefore providing a solution to the existing erosion problem as well as contributing to a more pleasant working atmosphere.

The preparation of the area to be treated included the removal of large stones and debris, cleaning of the drains, spreading of fertilizer and grass seed followed by raking of the entire area to mix the seed and fertilizer with the soil as well as loosen the tension of the soil to allow for proper penetration of the Hydrotac.

Hydrotac was applied evenly over the prepared area of the berm using two coats with a simple pump and spray system with an adjustable spray nozzle in order to control the flow rate and ensure the specified application rate was adhered to. During the Hydrotac application, 4 mm of rain fell with no detrimental effect as the performance of the Hydrotac took immediate effect preventing any washing of the product, therefore, holding all seed and fertilizer in place while directing all water runoff into the drains.

After the Hydrotac application, an additional 3 mm of rain fell that evening and during the first week after application, there was a total of 260mm rain, which had no harmful effects as the seed has still held in place and germination had already begun.

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