Soil Solutions does not simply sell a product. A full service company Soil Solutions works with each client to devise the best solutions which meets their exact specification and objectives. We work with clients from the project inception to the design and engineering stage, through to product application and completion, as well as developing a maintenance plan.

Our involvement with the consulting engineers, mine managers, and contractors ensures a successful project outcome. The range of services, products and equipment which we provide allows us to develop solutions for even the most challenging of projects.

Some of the projects that we had been involved with include:

  • Long term and effective dust control on a mine tailings complex
  • Crusher Tip Stabilization and dust control
  • Dust Control for a blasting site
  • Mine Haul Road construction on sub standard soil
  • The design and implementation of a conveyor belt delivery point
  • Reduction in Life Cycle cost for a Mine Haul Road Construction and maintenance of over 100 Million USD
  • Design and building of specialized application equipment for underground areas
  • Design and building of specialized application equipment for Mine Tailings
  • A dust control and erosion prevention plan for a Solar farm
  • Construction methodology and implementation of a stabilized runway in an extreme rural location with limited equipment