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Our Vision

dAIta Driven Solutions

dAIta is going to be the digital assistant and business partner of choice of any business that cares about sustainability fully leveraging on earth sensors and signals data and promoting positive impact decision making based on models supported by AI.

Our Mission

Demystify complicated data collection and modeling accessible by only a small percentage of experts due to accessibility and other constraints, into a system that is easily implemented that provides simplified data interpretation with self-learning capabilities even in the most remote and challenging locations. dAIta wants to democratize AI applied to traditional industries allowing greater access.

We aim to provide network accessibility and end-to-end integrated platforms based on IoT, and sensor data collection that is affordable and easy to use, that enables our clients across multiple industries to play a quantifiable role in addressing the challenges of climate change while increasing profitability.  To deliver a single intelligent platform where all of the data for farming/agriculture, mining, oil & gas industry needs are addressed at once, and in a single central point, delivered to the user in a comprehensible format using machine learning and AI.


dAIta is a mobile, LoRaWAN, and satellite operator that provides a multi-functional system that can be scaled with an unlimited number of devices

It provides a multi-functional system utilizing LoRaWAN or satellite connectivity with a scalable and unlimited number of devices that sense and monitor the surrounding environment, data is collected and using AI interpreted. dAIta systems collect, correlate and interprets defined information, combines this with AI  that is then used for precision decisions, planning, and building predictive models 

dAIta simplifies the interpretation of the received data points and provides straightforward interpretation for end users which directly translates into cost savings and higher productivity.

At the core of this reliable, low power and affordable network is LoRaWAN®, capable of connecting sensors in remote areas and geographically dispersed to the internet leveraging on a LoRa modulation scheme. Either satellite or cellular wireless technologies can be deployed pending on the location.


  • End to End Service & Solution Provider
  • Interpretational Architecture
  • Customized Interface
  • Scalability 


Soil Solutions powered by dAIta brings IoT to… 


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The core differentiator of the dAIta platform lies in its end to end integrated platform 

One dashboard to manage all sensors and data collection points  

We are positioned to serve multiple verticals including Farming, Mining, Energy, Aviation, and Security.

Cross relate data across multiple sources using AI to interpret and use this data to increase productivity and reducing cost. 

High Level Network Architecture

dAIta Architecture

  • Customized Multi disciplinary Systems
  • Remote Access
  • Business sector indicators & performance management
  • Compatibility with Devices & Equipment
  • IoT Solution and Dashboard Design
  • Communication Tools

All-Inclusive System Functionality

All Inclusive System functionality

Soil Solutions powered by  dAITA  IoT Solutions

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DAITA August 19, 2021