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Sealing a road surface is critical to the life term and sustainability of the road. The traditional methods used for gravel road construction leave the surface un-sealed that allows constant degradation in the form of runoff, erosion, corrugation, potholes and significant dust to occur. These roads are extremely demanding in terms of maintenance.

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Soil Solutions provides its benchmark product EBS as an extremely cost-effective and sustainable solution.

Once the road has been graded, shaped and contoured with drainage and compacted, EBS is applied as a surface seal. The initial application will perform for 12+ months. The result is a solid surface that is protected from runoff and erosion and a dust-free surface. This treatment ensures the retention of the road material and allows for a superior road surface. Once an EBS™ Surface Seal is applied the road will NEVER require grading, re-sheeting, compaction or watering again, only a maintenance application of the surface seal.

EBS Surface Seal 1
Applying EBS Surface Seal
Bamburi Completed Access Road
After EBS Surface Seal

Soil Solutions provides its benchmark product EBS as an extremely cost-effective and sustainable solution.

Provide a hard all-weather Surface   Provide a water-resistant Surface   The road will be protected from erosion, material loss, cracking, rutting, corrugation and potholes   The Roads will have NO DUST

A road properly treated with an EBS Surface Seal will have a Hard – Water Resistant Surface  — and a long term wearing course  – that will allow for continuous Access 

Benefits of EBS Surface Sealed Gravel Roads

  • Important and substantial cost savings for governments and municipalities in terms of Gravel Road MaintenanceEBS - engineered base stabilizer video
  • After an EBS Surface Seal, these Gravel Roads will NEVER need to be Graded or Compacted Again.
  • The road will have a longer life and only requires spot maintenance every few years instead of major maintenance on a regular basis.
  • The road surface will be protected from erosion and any material loss.
  • There will be No dust and increased safety.
  • This provides a valuable solution for governments and increases service delivery – while decreasing costs to do so.
  • This is also a perfect solution for Environmentally sensitive areas as this solution reduces Environmental Impact.

Surface Sealed Roads
Surface Sealing June 9, 2021