Somisy Syama Mine Gravel Airstrip upgrade project

Syama Mine is located in the South of Mali, West Africa 300km Southeast of the Capital of Bamako and 30km from the Cote d’Ivoire border. 

Experiencing problems with their airstrip at the Syama Mine in Mali, Resolute Mining contacted Soil Solutions to provide a solution for their existing problems and an airstrip upgrade. The Syama Team followed the preparation instructions provided by Soil Solutions and prepared the airstrip before the Soil Solutions team’s arrival.

The application of the EBS Surface Seal provides a sealed water-resistant surface protected from erosion; loss of fines; undulations in the surface including cracking, potholes, rutting, or corrugation and most importantly eliminates dust and allows for increased safety, visibility. The improved surface allows for improved aircraft acceleration and improved skid resistance. The hard all-weather airstrip will require significantly less maintenance and thereby allows for a significant reduction in operational costs, as well as water use.


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