Veriente Runway at BG Bolivia before EBS Application
Soil Solutions latest runway upgrade project of the Vertiente Runway was completed in May 2015,  located in Bolivia on the site of BG Group, at its gas plant in the northern part of Bolivia.

BG Group is a British Multinational oil and gas company operating in 25 countriesacross Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America and South America.

 Soil Solutions was contacted by BG Bolivia to provide a solution for the condition of the Vertiente runway. The existing problems included loose gravel, the continuous loss of fine material, low visibility due to severe dust due to high winds which are frequent due to the high altitude, and a slippery surface when wet. Such prevalent conditions did not allow for the use of the runway during and after rainfalls, and during high winds that significantly limited the BG plant operations.

Soil Solutions was able to provide a comprehensive solution that would allow for a hard all weather surface runway that would address each of the current challenges.

Soil Solutions worked hand in hand with the Project Manager to ensure the proper application procedure.

EBS application by Soi Solutions team

EBS application by Soi Solutions team

The Team at BG followed the preparation instructions provided by Soil Solutions and had the runway graded and compacted with all loose material removed.   With this completed  the  Soil  Solutions  team  was  then  on  site  to oversee the Engineered Base Stabilizer (EBS) application to the runway surface, hangar area and access roads.

The entire application was able to be completed in only 5 days this was due to the correct preparation, a dedicated team and the use of two water tankers.

Skid Marks from initial landing on Veriente Runway
The  result  was  very successful  with  a  hard, water resistant, corrosion proof, dust free surface that

significantly enhanced safety standards. With this upgrade La Vertiente airstrip has highly visible FOD and  increased  skid  resistance  even  in  the  wet conditions.

With  the  application  of the  EBS,  BG  Bolivia  has  not only significantly increased the safety of the airstrip but has also reduced its annual airstrip maintenance and operational costs, as well as environmental impact.

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