Ensuring Environmental compliance is a part of the Sustainable Solutions that we provide and a major part of the Journey that we are on to Make a Difference

SoilSolutions® provides Solutions for the Environment

Solutions for the Environment are perhaps the single most important and growing sector in the world economy.

We at Soil Solutions® are committed and proud that we have the opportunity to make a real contribution through our innovative solutions.

Achieving a reduced environmental impact and further reducing Carbon Emissions are the results that Soil Solutions® is dedicated to delivering.

Our products, services, and combined technologies provide important and effective environmental solutions for the mining and development sectors.


   Alternative Technologies for the Environment

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  • Soil Solutions® provides products that are safe for the environment and do not leach into water tables or provide a compromise to the safety of vehicles or workers
  • With water conservation being a vital and critical factor in today’s world, our products allow for a substantial reduction in water demand as we reduce your dust control application from several per day — to 1-2 times PER YEAR.  Saving millions of litres of water.
  • The effectiveness of our Soil Stabilization and Dust Control Solutions will reduce Carbon Emissions, reduce pollution and contain dangerous PM 2.5 and PM10 airborne dust particles and allow safer and cleaner living conditions.
  • Durasolution – is a specialised completely Water-less dust control agent — applied neat – no dilution required.
  • The implementation of our Intelligent Road Solutions™ will provide sustainable roads with a significantly reduced environmental impact.

Soil Solutions® provides viable and cost effective alternatives to asphalt and bitumen and imported aggregate for the construction and improvement of roads

…and that is just the beginning.

Soil Solutions® is serious about introducing environmental solutions, if you are too, then call us today for solutions that deliver quantifiable results !

   Water Demand Reduction 

Soil Solutions Provides Water Reduction

Water … the worlds most precious resource.

The construction and mining industries are among the largest consumers of water.

Soil Solutions has developed a way to substantially reduce this water consumption.

The high and long-lasting performance level of EBS Soil Stabilizer allows for significant water savings as we deliver long term dust control solutions for both roads and Mine Tailings.

The use of our integrated stabilization and dust control solutions makes daily / monthly watering for dust control a thing of the past.

Contact Soil Solutions today for more information on our Water Savings Solutions!

   Carbon Emission Reduction

REDUCE CO2 EMISSIONS with sustainable road maintenance

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions with Soil Solutions.

Significant reduction in Carbon Emissions are realized from a reduction in:

  • Diesel Use
  • Reduction in Equipment and vehicle
  • Extended Tyre wear
  • Reduction in imported aggregate
  • Reduction in Water use

Reduced CO2 Emissions

The Environmentally Compliant and long lasting performance of the products provided by Soil Solutions will guarantee that your mining operation or construction project will have a reduction in Carbon Emissions, allowing you to do your part to save our Environment.

Ask Soil Solutions about Carbon Credit Calculations and a detailed project or operations assessment report in terms of reducing your Carbon Emissions.