Soil Solutions was contacted by Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) to provide a method for stabilization and dust control for the runway shoulders. The soil conditions were such that if an aircraft were to veer from the runway the soil would not support the weight of the aircraft. Soil Solutions provided a Runway Shoulder Stabilization solution which included the combination of two of our products; Geogrid and Hydrotac. All underground cabling systems were tracked, identified, and marked prior to any work. The in-situ material was stripped and excavated to the required depth followed by the placement of the Bi-Axial Geogrid which was then backfilled with the previously excavated material to its final shape and level. Upon completion of the earthworks and placement of the Geogrid grass seed and fertilizer were spread over the area followed by an application of Hydrotac. The Hydrotac acts as a tackifier to hold the seed and fertilizer in place, retain moisture and ground temperature and act as a dust suppressant while the grass growth occurs. All work was completed during nighttime hours with no interruption to flight schedules.

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