Soil & Dust Solutions, the South African agent of Soil Solutions, was brought in to improve the access road to the Eastern Platinum Limited (Eastplats) Crocodile River Mine Maroelabult Section. This access road required a full stabilization and surface seal for dust suppression. The sub-grade was constructed to line and level then pre-wet before scarifying to the required depth for stabilization. Emulsified Base Stabilizer (EBS) was applied at a pre-determined application rate based on laboratory results bringing the material to the optimum moisture for compaction. The mixing of the EBS was done using a Reclaimer to mix the material and EBS until the OMC was reached. All clods, lumps, and rocks above 40mm were removed.  The surface was then shaped and compacted forming a smooth finish and allowed to cure. The final step was the application of the EBS surface seal, which was applied in 4 multiple coats in order to preserve the surface, provide dust suppression and prevent the formation of any undulations in the wearing course surface such as potholes, corrugation, and rutting.  The road was re-opened for traffic and the only maintenance required is an as-needed sweeping of the surface to remove any debris that has accumulated on the surface from wind or fallen off the haul trucks.

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