Soil Solutions introduces Base Layer Stabilisation as an alternative Positive Impact Solution to the traditional stabilization method of using cement or bituminous products to stabilise sub-standard materials as a sub-base or base course for road construction.

Soil Solutions provides a cost-effective solution that allows current budgets to deliver more.  

Engineered Base Stabilizer (EBS) is an alternative road base construction and soil stabilizer that improves the density, tensile strength, flexibility (elasticity), durability, and water resistance of road bases more efficiently and inexpensively than traditional methods.

How is Base Layer Stabilization achieved?

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  • Laboratory testing of the material and mix design development
  • Scarifying the existing layer to the specified depth
  • Comparison of optimum moisture content to in-place moisture content
  • Thorough mixing and uniform processing of the EBS utilizing a reclaimer
  • Contour, camber, crown or cross fall the surface to provide for drainage
  • Compaction, final levels and finishing using vibratory dual drum and pneumatic tyre rollers

Our extensive knowledge of material and soil mechanics allows us to provide site-specific solutions.  We will also incorporate different technologies as may be required to meet any specific challenges. We will develop a tailored solution for the improvement of the in-situ soil.

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Layer stabilization
Base layer stabilisation

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The main objective of chemical stabilization with EBS is to enhance the suitability of locally available natural gravels for pavement construction, thereby avoiding the need to import other materials. This can often lead to more cost-effective use of available materials with the following beneficial properties by comparison with the untreated parent material:

Benefits of EBS  Base Layer Stabilization

  • Increased strength or stability
  • Improved load-spreading capability
  • Increased resistance to erosion
  • Reduced sensitivity to moisture changes
  • Improved workability of clayey materials

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Base Layer Stabilisation June 1, 2021