Soil Solutions OmanSoil Solutions brings innovative solutions to the road, construction, solar, military, aviation, rail, and development projects in UAE and the Middle East region.

Soil Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide valuable solutions to the Middle East market.  Having years of experience in soil mechanics and developing our own specifically engineered products and designs using advanced and combined technologies in our product formulations, design and construction methodologies, our innovative thinking is providing the market with important solutions that provide effective stabilization in sub standard soils for road construction, road shoulder stabilization, and any form of dust control.

We are aware of the specific challenges that the Middle East region has with sand and substandard soils and have developed specific and cost effective solutions for this that include applications with EBS Soil Stabilizer;  Dynamic Compaction machines that compact substandard material so that it can be used in layer works; and specifically designed Recycler attachments.

Nestle dust sand stabilization

Nestle Dust Sand Stabilization Project Video

   We have the solutions for effective dust control on Quarries that will keep these operations compliant with regulations.  

   We have the solutions for Landfills for dust, erosion and odour control.

   We can improve safety on the roads – with simple yet very effective road shoulder stabilization that will keep the sand off the roads.

Our solutions are tailored made, and are cost effective, meet or surpass required specifications, allowing for longer performance life and reduced environmental impact.   These are important solutions that we provide to the consistent challenges in UAE  and the middle East region with respect to construction and development.

Soil Solutions is a global leader in providing stabilization and surface sealing for airstrip and runways as well as surround and shoulder stabilization.

About Soil Solutions Operations in UAE

Soil Solutions is positioned to deliver Value Engineered Solutions ® through innovative solutions utilizing advanced technology for the challenges of soil improvement and stabilization, dust control, erosion control, compaction engineering across the mining, military, energy and civil infrastructure industries inclusive of roadworks, rail infrastructure, port and airport construction.

Soil Solutions provides important Solutions for the challenges in the Middle East region 


slope stabilization

Soil Solutions provides different technologies and products that can be used for effective sand stabilization for road construction, road and airstrip shoulder stabilization, stockpile capping, and dust control for mining and quarry operations.


Solar Panel Dust mitigation

Soil Solutions provides specifically development solutions for Solar fields that include effective dust and sand control that will allow for decreased maintenance and improved efficiency; erosion control that allows for long term support of the infrastructure; and construction methods for the access roads.


AVIATION -Dash on -EBS runway surface

Soil Solutions provides construction methods for airstrips and runways; shoulder stabilization and dust control, this allows for a safer airstrip with increased visibility and significantly reduced maintenance requirements.  See our Intelligent Airstrip offering.

ROAD SHOULDER STABILIZATION — will stop blowing and drifting sand that causes severe and dangerous driving conditions.  see  STOP SAND ACCUMULATING ON ROADS

Al Ain Sports Club Radio Control Race Track – the Soil Solutions Middle East team together with Al Ain Sports Club improved the surface of the race track with the application of an EBS Surface Seal to preserve and protect the surface and eliminate dust while providing for better traction.  Please click here for more information Al Ain Radio Control Race Track

Improve Road Safety. Eliminate Blowing Sand on the Roads. Sand blown or drifted into the road is dangerous to traffic and can cause serious accidents!

Al Ain Sports Club Radio Control Race Track Video

Eliminate blowing sand on roads - Video

Soil Solutions  Mission

Soil Solutions’ area of expertise lies in providing innovative and value engineered solutions and product offerings for projects across various sectors including: Road construction, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Solar, Military, Rail, Beautification, Sand Stabilization, and Dust Control.

We continually stride to assist UAE in its development and construction objectives through the supply of advanced technologies and design solutions that allow for sustainable construction, that is cost effective and allows for reduce environmental impact.

We are passionate about our product and service offering as well as our clients and are dedicated to delivering superior results.

Soil Solutions  Vision

The vision of Soil Solutions for the Middle East region is to become the leader in providing value engineered solutions that deliver superior results to the construction and development sectors in UAE, and throughout the region, that minimize environmental impact, and provide sustainable solutions for cost effective soil stabilization and dust control, delivering important solutions that allow for the continued improvement in safety, growth and sustainability of the region.

Strategic Alliances

Soil Solutions  recognizes the value of relationships and team work, accordingly we are keen to build strategic relationships with other companies that are well positioned to work with Soil Solutions in delivering our products, services and solutions to the market, if you think that you or your company have synergies and can add value to Soil Solutions, contact us today to discuss.

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