Blowing and drifting sand is a major issue in dry arid countries. The effects of blowing sand are dangerous and require a lot of maintenance to keep roads, pathways and tracks free from loose sand. Soil Solutions has an environmentally friendly solution that reduces drifting sand caused by wind.

Soil Solutions recently completed a project in Dubai where we treated the edges of a bike pathway to reduce the drifting sand and improve the surface for a safe ride.

View the full video below showing the before and after…

The application of the EBS application provides a sealed water-resistant surface protected from erosion and drifting sand caused by wind. The EBS will hold the sand in place, preventing it from drifting and the formation of dust keeping the pathway clean and free from sand.

Our sand Stabilization solutions cover the following applications:

  • Road Shoulder Sand Stabilization – to keep roads safe  
  • Stabilization of runways and airstrips
  • Railway Protection & Prevention
  • Slope Stability and Erosion prevention
  • Pathway Stabilization

KOA Pathway Construction Video

  KOA Pathway Construction - Soil Solutions KOA contacted Soil Solutions for the design, construction and sealing of natural looking pathways around their Canvas residential project. The pathways were constructed using a combination of the in-situ soil and available soil remaining from the construction of the Canvas project. Read

Nestle Dust Sand Stabilization Project Video

  Nestle Sand Stabilization Video Soil Solutions Middle East - FZE Sand stabilization Project - EBS Surface seal prevents drifting and blowing of sand. Watch Video...Read more →

Radio Control Race Track Video

Radio Control Race Track Video - Al Ain Sports Complex Remote Control Car Racing track surface treatment & seal 75 truck loads of clay type material were brought in and compacted then treated with an EBS Surface Seal to preserve and protect the racing surface and prevent

Improve Road Safety Eliminate Blowing Sand on the Roads

Improve Road Safety Eliminate Blowing Sand on the Roads Soil Solutions Sand Stabilization - Improve Road Safety. Eliminate Blowing Sand on the Roads. Sand blown or drifted into the road is dangerouse to traffic and can cause serious accidents.   Protect Roads from shifting Sand with EBS base

Sand Stabilization Brochure

Sand Stabilization Brochure


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