What is Sand?

Have you ever taken a closer look, at sand? Do you ever consider what it is made of? There’s a story in every grain of sand. If you scooped up a handful of sand from every beach, you’d have a history of the world sifting through your fingers. From mountain boulders to the shells of tiny ocean creatures, follow the journey that sand takes through thousands of years across entire continents to wind up stuck between your toes.

Problems caused by Sand

Sand covers 35% of the world’s surface and also creates many hazardous problems, especially in arid areas. A huge concern with regards to Sand, is Blowing and Drifting Sand that creates dangerous driving conditions. Watch our video to see how dangerous sand can be. This video was taken by our CEO while on site in the UAE. 

Solutions for Blowing & Drifting Sand

Soil Solutions provides  SIMPLE – EASY – COST EFFECTIVE Solutions for the treatment of the sides and embankments of roads that run through sandy areas – this will prohibit sand blowing and collecting on the roads and  will greatly improve visibility and road safety.   One application of EBS Soil Stabilizer  applied to the shoulder/sides of the road will stop blowing and drifting sand.

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