Soil Solutions® envisions a better world through the implementation of its Sustainable Value Engineered Solutions, that reduce environmental impact. 


Alternative Technologies for the Environment


Innovative technology for the construction and mining

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 industries that substantially decreases water consumption – and results in Savings of Billions of litres of Water and reductions in CO2 emissions.
  • Soil Solutions® provides products that are safe for the environment and do not leach into water tables
  • With water conservation being a vital and critical factor in today’s world, our products allow for a substantial reduction in water demand as we reduce your dust control application from several per day — to 1-2 times PER YEAR.  Saving millions of litres of water.
  • The effectiveness of our Soil Stabilization and Dust Control Solutions will reduce Carbon Emissions, reduce pollution and contain dangerous PM 2.5 and PM10 airborne dust particles and allow safer and cleaner living conditions.
  • The implementation of our Intelligent Road Solutions™ will provide sustainable roads with a significantly reduced environmental impact.



Soil Solutions endorses the UN CEO Water Mandate and as a company, we are constantly striving to do better for the environment.

How Soil Solutions Contributes towards Water Savings


  • Gravel Road Construction 
  • Gravel Road Maintenance (No more watering of roads)
  • EBS is safe for the environment and does not leach into water tables
  • Mine Haul Roads 
  • Mine Tailings- watering no longer required
  • Open Pit Mining Dust Control
  • Gravel Runways

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Soil Solutions Provides Water Reduction