Mine Tailings: The Problems & the Solutions

Mine Tailings are often featured in the news and the focus is generally on the management of the tailings storage facilities. What is often but not always overlooked is what affect these Toxic Tailings facilities have on the surrounding communities. Soil Solutions has been tracking news related to these communities, to get a better insight into just how the communities near these Toxic Mine Tailings are affected and what we can do to help.

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Our Solutions to Mine Tailings

Soil Solutions has developed a cost-effective and long term solution for the treatment of Mine Tailings Storage Facilities.

Dust control on Mine tailings storage facilities is a necessity in terms of regulating the environmental impact, the effect on neighbouring communities, eliminating risk and liabilities for fines resulting from dust control violations.

Effective Mine Tailings management will ensure:

  • Decreased liability
  • Environmental compliance
  • Decreased effect on neighbouring communities
  • An overall decreased environmental impact

Our Mine Tailings Projects

Harmony Kalgold

The client was looking for a cost effective environmentally compliant sustainable solution for dust abatement and erosion control on one of their stockpiles.

Assmang Khumani Iron Ore Mine Stockpile Treatment


Eastplats Mine Tailings Application


Mine Tailings Article Library

Pima County, Freeport reach $230,000 settlement for mine tailings dust violations

It has been revealed that a large percentage of the world’s biggest miners are not tracking their tailings risk management measures

Redwing Mine under fire over toxic dust

VILLAGERS in Tsvingwe, Penhalonga, have raised concern over white dust that is being generated by Redwing Mine, which they claim is hazardous to their health. The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has pledged to investigate the matter and take necessary action.

Mintails mining created an ‘environmental catastrophe’ in the West Rand

As a heavy wind blows over the West Rand, clouds of dust swirl from clusters of barren mine dumps towering over both sides of Main Reef Road, turning the skyline a ghostly white.It’s a bleak scene that environmental justice activist Mariette Liefferink knows all too well

R5bn silicosis settlement approval welcomed

The Gauteng High Court of a R5-billion settlement between gold mining companies and former employees who have contracted silicosis and tuberculosis.

Miners score poorly on effective tailings oversight: RMF report

It has been revealed that a large percentage of the world’s biggest miners are not tracking their tailings risk management measures

Toxic City: The Cost of Gold Mining in South Africa

The threat of contamination is hard to escape; at the foot of her neighbourhood’s mining heap is greenish water that is used for irrigating land or feeding livestock, and some children bathe in it.

Baptism by toxic water: Mine waste, sewage threaten SA’s worshippers

Worshippers risk a number of health issues including brain damage and skin cancers.

Abandoned mines a witches’ brew of heavy metals and poisons

Kenya scores another first as President Kenyatta commissions Africa’s largest wind power project.

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