Mine tailings are the waste product produced by mines. The amount of waste is immense as tons of ore are mined to produce only ounces or pounds of the metal in question.  Very often these tailings are toxic and toxic tailings must be kept isolated from the surrounding environments.

Besides the risk the tailings have on their surrounding environments the tailings pose and an even greater risk to the surrounding communities. The airborne dust from Mine Tailings affects communities for 100’s of kilometers. Four Suburbs in Soweto were studied over a three-year period.

The sand appears to be contributing to abnormally high levels of respiratory diseases, birth deformities and skin and eye ailments in the four communities studies. Charlotte Mathews states

Radioactive sand from mine dumps is frequently collected, sold and used in cement for houses in Soweto, according to a new Bench Marks Foundation report, entitled “Waiting to Inhale”.

Soil Solutions took on a project at the Eastern Platinum (Eastplats) Crocodile River Mine in South Africa. They required an immediate solution for dust control on the Mine Tailings storage facility, as the dust was causing problems for the local farming community, as well as hazardous work conditions. As the traditional method of using water through a sprinkler system proved to be very expensive as well as ineffective, Soil & Dust Solutions (the local agent of Soil Solutions) was asked to develop a long term effective sustainable dust control solution. With access being a problem a spray bar was attached to the arm of an excavator which allowed for all areas to be treated with EBS Soil Stabilizer. The EBS treatment was environmentally safe; completely negated the need or use of water or an expensive and maintenance intensive sprinkler system; improved relations with the neighbouring communities and has remained effective for over 10 years with virtually no maintenance.


Soil Solutions has developed a cost effective and long term solution for the treatment of Mine Tailings.

Dust control on Mine tailings storage facilities is a necessity in terms of regulating the environmental impact, the effect on neighbouring communities and eliminating risk and liabilities for fines for dust control violations. Dust from Tailings can be responsibly managed in a cost effective way that stops dangerous air pollution and protects local communities from the toxic tailing dust. Protect your assets from blowing away and protect local communities.

EBS Engineered Base Stabilizer

Surface Treatments on Mine Tailings require an understanding of the structural integrity of a Mine Tailings structure – this we know and understand and therefore can preserve the integrity of the structure. We understand the effects of erosion and overwatering. Our solution is one of long term sustainability.  ONE application with an EBS Surface Seal over the tailings storage facility will perform for 5-10 years pending the application rate applied.

Contact Soil Solutions for a full site assessment and Mine Tailing Surface Treatment Assessment.  We will be there from the initial assessment to overseeing product application and a full project report and handoff.