Gravel Airstrips and Runway Construction & Dust Control.

EBS Gravel Airstrip wins Technology and Cost Savings Award
Soil Solutions has a proven track record with projects world-wide providing Gravel Airstrips & Runway construction and improvements.   Our success in providing specifically tailored solutions for the upgrade of  Gravel Airstrips and Runways in delivering dust control, erosion control, and improved sealed surfaces has defined us as the leader in the industry.

Our extensive knowledge of soil mechanics allow us to provide innovative and specifically tailored solutions for gravel airstrips and runway upgrades that result in:

  • Improved safety
  • Increased visibility
  • Improved skid resistance
  • Improved aircraft acceleration
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced damage to aircraft

Soil Solutions provides value engineered solutions® that are specifically developed for each of its clients.

 The main pillars of our recommendations consist of:


  • Safety  – increase safety by minimizing or eliminating brownouts and making FOD visible
  • Aircraft Maintenance – decrease required maintenance significantly through the elimination of sand and dust that damage aircraft engines and parts
  • Health – improving the health and welfare of employees, management and visitors to the site, and allowing Medical evacuation planes accessibility with a sealed airstrip
  • Reduced Maintenance of the Runway – as no watering or grading of the Airstrip will be required as it will have an all-weather, hard water-resistant and erosion protected surface
  • Investment Protection – the construction of an airstrip/runway is a large capital investment and it should be protected as such.  The reduction of material loss, protecting fines and improving thereby reducing maintenance and increasing safety which decreases liability will reduce costs as well as protect the initial investment.

Increase Visibility and Reduce Maintenance with the effective treatment of the shoulders and side areas of the Runway.

EBS for gravel Airstrips and runwaysOne light surface application of EBS Soil Stabilizer on these areas on these non-trafficked areas will stop dust and sand blowing onto the runway surface.

Limpopo- Lipadi Project Update : November 2018


   Gravel Airstrip Dust Control

Superior Gravel Airstrips – From Mining to Tourism to Commercial, to Agriculture & Military  Soil Solutions®   is your answer

Soil Solutions will provide the right solution for your gravel airstrip and runway construction or upgrade.  The use of our EBS™ Soil Stabilizer and when required the integration of the combined technologies under Intelligent Road Solutions™,  will provide a runway surface that will last longer, require less maintenance, be free from dust, is highly visible on approach,  safe for emergency reverse thrusts,  have reduced rolling resistance and improved skid resistance, will not be slippery when wet and will ensure reduced damage to aircraft.

Dust Control for Gravel Airstrips

Dust Control on a Gravel Airstrip and or Runway is extremely important in order to maintain visibility and aircraft safety.  Use of EBS™ in the construction or as a Surface Seal on a gravel runway will ensure a dust-free surface. Additional treatment of the non-traffic side and perimeter of the runway will also improve visibility and significantly reduce brownout from blowing sand or dust.  This simple treatment is highly effective and will also reduce the damage and required maintenance on the aircraft, as it will reduce the dust blown particles that clog the engines and make Foreign Object Debris (FOD) highly visible.

All dust control solutions are not the same.  EBS applied as a surface seal provides long term performance and a hard all -weather surface allowing the Airstrip or runway to be used year round.  One application will perform for over 12 months, with only maintenance applications thereafter which decrease with time.

Intelligent AirstripsSoil Solutions has done over 30 successful runway projects world-wide for our client base across the Mining,  Tourism, Aviation, and Oil & Gas industries.  The same applies to Helicopter Landing Pads and landing surround areas as well.

   Cold Weather Climate Gravel Airstrip Dust Control & Improvements

To address the challenges faced by Mining,  Oil & Gas, and Tourism operations located in remote and cold weather areas, Soil Solutions provides Durasolution a highly effective dust control & compaction agent that is applied neat- requiring no water for dilution, it will not freeze, and can be applied in freezing temperatures.  Durasolution is an ideal solution for soil improvement and dust control in cold climates.   One treatment will contain fines, improve compaction, improve visibility and provide long term dust control.  Durasolution will survive the winter and snow and still be working in the spring!

DURASOLUTION  is non-corrosive and conforms to the BOEING D6-17487 testing requirements.  (Contact us for a copy of the Test Report)

Soil Solutions also provide important value solutions for  Runway Shoulders and Surround area to prevent fugitive dust and sand from blowing sand accumulating onto the airstrip.  The same services and solutions also apply to Helipads and surrounds.

Gravel Airstrips for:

 Mining   Tourism  Agricultural   Commercial   Private

  Experience Matters.    Soil Solutions has a proven track record, extensive references, and completed projects globally

Where is your airstrip?  Remote locations?  Needing to devise a plan? We are there – Hands on!

Soil Solutions works with its clients from the initial inquiry through to a project plan – ensuring proper equipment and being there on-site to ensure a successful project.
We are there every step of the way.
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   Gravel Airstrip Solutions in Action

Introduction to Intelligent Airstrips Video

Introduction to Intelligent Airstrips Video

Reduce Damage to Aircraft and improve gravel airstrip safetly

Reduce Damage to Aircraft & Improved Gravel Airstrip Safety

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