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A live case study  on Mine Costs and Water Savings, with one application of EBS

Water Use in Mining & the cost implication

Water use in mines, is a practice as old as mining itself. Even though water is fast becoming one of the most precious resources on earth, many mines still do not take action to reduce water use and control the effect of water wastage on communities in which they operate. Drought has become prevalent in many of the communities where mining operations take place and therefore watering roads to suppress dust is no longer a sustainable practice.

5,828,900 liters of water per day were being wasted on watering roads

Case Study on cost & water saving in the Syama Mali Mine Project

Soil Solutions set out to create a real on going case study, where we monitor the number of litres of water saved as well as the associated costs involved. The results are truly astonishing. Not only has the mine saved $371 040 with an initial investment of only $11,200 , they have saved just over 4.4 billion litres of water in just over two years. All of these savings are due to one application of EBS surface seal.

 The Solution- EBS Surface Seal

EBS Surface seal is the solution that delivered these results.

An EBS Surface Seal provides a dust free road surface which is water proof, flexible pavement that has a high load bearing capacity that is skid resistant.

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ONE Application of EBS Surface Seal will protect the stabilized surface from loss of fine material, provide effective dust and erosion control depending on application rate and traffic.  Most importantly this road surface will never require grading or watering,  providing a sustainable solution and significantly reduced maintenance delivering Reduced Costs & Benefits.

Below are the cost implications the application of EBS had on the mine.