Africa Day –  Celebrating development, connectivity and economic growth.


Africa is the home base of our International operation. It is filled with opportunities and some interesting challenges, but our work in Africa is the most rewarding. Witnessing the positive impact it makes in communities, by improving infrastructure, local job creation and community involvement is something as a team we are all proud of.

Our goal as a business is to implement solutions that create connectivity, economic growth and improvements to local communities by implementing our sustainable solutions.

Driving connectivity, economic growth & unity on the African continent.




In celebration of Africa Day, we have listed some of our favourite projects that we have completed in Africa that follow our vision. Africa is an environment we understand.

Some of our favourite projects in Africa

Our projects in Africa align with the UN SDGs

We subscribe to the UN Supplier’s Code of Conduct. Soil Solutions modis and objectives are aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Learn more below on how we support the UN’s SDGs into our sustainable Solutions. Read more… 

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