United States nvironmental Protection agency

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The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USA EPA) and the Clean Air Act provide guidelines, regulations and requirements that pertain to compliance for dust control in the mining and construction industries.

We, at Soil Solutions, can ensure that your entity complies with these regulations and ensure that you are not subject to expensive fines and compliance costs.

Specific areas where we can assist include:

  • Preventing emissions of fugitive particulate matter from any process including handling or storage that is visible by an observer looking at the zenith at a point beyond the line of emission source. (compliance with IPCB Rule 203f/1[35 IAC212.301]
  • Allowing for all normal traffic pattern access areas surrounding stockpiles and parking facilities which are located on mining properties to be treated with dust suppressants. (compliance with IPCB Rule 203 f /3/ C [35 IAC 212.306 ]
  • Preventing fugitive dust emissions from stockpiles and preventing any violation of 40 CFR 60.1 1d, 40 CFR 60.670 (f)(1)
  • Providing for an operating program including best management practices to achieve compliance including specification of particulate collection equipment, application systems and equipment for dust control methods one utilised and estimated frequency of application including updating a procedures and operations maintenance plan as required to ensure consistent and total dust management. (compliance with IPCB Rule 203 f /3/ F [35 IAC 212.310 (e)-(g) ]
  • Providing a detailed Dust Management programme for the mine to submit to any regulatory agency that specifies the details of the program being implemented.


Through the implementation of a dust management program you will have a safer and more efficient operation as  well as a reduced risk profile in terms of EPA compliance and fines.

Predictive Safety

Dust control and the conditions and visibility on roads are a Safety issue as well as an environmental issue. Soil Solutions works with  Predictive Safety  in order to provide our clients with up to date issues and compliance requirements with MSHA and EPA.


Because our solutions are cost effective and have long term performance  — thereby letting you concentrate on Mining



Durasolution is a specialised water-less dust control agent – easy to apply – with flexible application rates to be applied where and when required


Durasolution is a specialised water-less dust control agent – easy to apply – with flexible application rates to be applied where and when required


EBS Surface Seal will not only provide long term effective dust control with ONE application 12 + months — but will also improve the road surface resulting in numerous other benefits

Industrial Dust Machines

ACTIVE STOCKPILES OR POINTS OF TRANSFER – These challenging locations are easily addressed with our IDM machines

SAVING OUR PLANETcost and benefits - save water

Environmental impact can no longer be ignored – with Climate Change and Global warming we need to find a better balance between our need for resources and looking after our planet for future generations.

There are Solutions  — that can be implemented that will provide dust control allowing for EPA compliance  – better Air Quality  – and reduced CO2 emissions.

Please see COST AND BENEFITS    as our solutions will not just provide compliant dust control – -but also a significant reduction in WATER USE  as well as REDUCED DIESEL USE RESULTING IN REDUCED CO2 EMISSIONS

Contact us today so that we can work with you to develop an Environmental Management Plan for you that will provide quantifiable data as to your reduced environmental impact!

United States Environmental Protection Agency October 14, 2016